Sg Premium Resort

Founded by our CEOs Miriam S. Mrita and the late Erasto E. Msuya in the year 2000, Sg Premium Resort started out as a local motel and could only accommodate 9 guests and with hard work and persistence we grew and can now accommodate to over 60 local and international guests. Since a decade ago, we at Sg Premium Resort have always been about showcasing growth and the best customer service as our strength and continuous improving to the adoptive change that is in creating an environment that is friendly to all our customers. Sg being a family owned business, we have designed a modern space that makes every customer feel like they are home and not outsiders. Our goal is to become the best and the biggest hotel in the whole of Tanzania in all aspect of tourism. We believe that we can only achieve this by making sure that the Almighty God is our focus and you, our dearest customers, are satisfied from the moment you walk in our premise and the day you leave with the help of our qualified and motivated staff.