Toyota is the brand that has proven to be unbeatable in this task and Land Cruiser is the model that fits us. Its indelible suspension takes us through a range of terrain. The spacious bodywork assures comfort for the traveler so much needed during the game drives. The open roof and the wide sliding windows guarantee the passenger the ability to watch all the details of Nature – sight-seeing and wild animals. Vital Vehicle accessories like high-lift jack, cooler boxes for cold drinking water, binoculars, books on wildlife and bean bags are tools of trade to be found in all our Safari cars. When moving from one Park to another, should there be a necessity in some crucial stages, then the Air condition system works in our cars and it is set to use. Our Safari Guides are well experienced in handling these 4x4 vehicles in all types of weather hence, take you through a range of terrain – both smooth and challenging. With our professional maintenance team, we are assured of performing any Safari that we undertake, to completion. In the background of the above facts, we warmly welcome you to board one of our Safari cars and be part of a yet another Discovery Team.