All our Camps consist of 8 to 12 Guest Tents, a Dinner Tent where all meals are served, a Lounge Tent, the Camp Fire and a series of Staff,- Guides-, Kitchen- and Storage tents. The Lounge Tent contains locally fabricated sofas and armchairs , a bar and the charging station for cameras, phones and other small items the Guest needs to charge for the next Game Drive. Here the Guests can relax while enjoying a complementary cup of Coffee, Tea of Hot Chocolate. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are usually served in the Dining Tent that is large enough to function at full capacity. A Wine selection is available here. Depending on weather conditions it can be either fully opened to bring the surrounding bush into the dining experience or it can be fully closed off in case of wind and rain. Mosquito nets all around prevent most insects to come bother our Guests during their meals. The Camp Fire, or Bush TV is a few steps away in front of the main area usually underneath a beautiful Acacia.