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Our Safari Company was born some 17 years ago with a modest Fleet and a fair number of full time Staff. As years moved on, we learned lots about the requirements of people from different Cultures and Traditions around the Globe. We managed to hire multi-skilled Staff whose great hard-working nature saw us rise from one level of service excellency to another. Currently, we have a well-trained bunch of professional Safari Guides whose performance has left many amazed. A Refresher Course which comes in annually promises to maintain their service-delivery at remarkable levels from one year to another. Our Sales Team keeps the clients well-fed with ample information which guides our Visitors to make a correct choice of a Safari product. This then leads to smooth Travel preparations and the consequent memorable Safari in Tanzania. We have a Maintenance Department which keeps our Safari vehicles fit for every challenge during the Safari. Since every change of weather presents a different operational challenge, our vehicles promptly adapt to these conditions with every accessory sure to function as expected. Together, all Departments make a Safari Family which coordinates every action all with the sole aim of making our Visitors Happy. Those in the front feel comfortable to perform with the surety of the backup of the those performing crucial roles behind the scenes. Hence, we want to confidently welcome you to our beautiful country – Tanzania, with the assurance that we shall make you achieve what you have always dreamt of – A Once in a Lifetime Experience. With the proceeds attained through various Safaris, we aim to become more involved in Community Development, through contributing to formal education, which is a key player in enhancing knowledge on Conservation, to Communities living near Game-Controlled Areas. With this in mind, we wish to invite you to go on Safari with us, knowing that a portion of what you pay, will go to a Conservation-oriented project that will go a long way in ensuring that, “Our beautiful National Parks will Never Die.”



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